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The more you know, the more you’ll say no to Prop HH.

We can defeat Prop HH by talking to neighbors now and alerting voters to what’s at stake. Property taxes affect property owners, tenants or renters, business owners, and every single one of us because we’re consumers.

You may download this PDF flier to your computer to print out or share by email.

Video and Podcasts

Ben Murrey, Fiscal Policy Director – Independence Institute describing the devil in the details of Prop HH
Shaun Boyd, Channel 7, covering Prop HH
Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer and Michael Fields with Advance Colorado discuss Prop HH versus real solutions that don’t take our TABOR rebates.
Douglas County Commissioners oppose Prop HH
Matt Connelly + Kristi Burton Brown – Prop HH Fact vs Fiction
9News Marshall Zelinger and Kyle Clark ask Polis about buying votes – Prop HH tied to HB 1311
Kyle Clark, 9News, Polis’ Prop HH “I hope he doesn’t think we’re dumb.”
American Legislative Exchange Council – Prop HH + TABOR
PBS Channel 12 – Marianne Goodland summary Prop HH and renters

Independence Institute Full Property Tax Series